I was born in the small beautiful town of Nakhodka in the farthest east of Russia. The city is located on the shores of the Japan Sea which is located next to the Pacific Ocean.

The name of the city of Nakhodka is derived from the name of the nearby Nakhodka Bay, opened by Russian sailors in the 1859 long year. According to legend, having seen a previously unknown bay, one of the sailors of the corvette “America” exclaimed: “This is a Find!”. My hometown is not far from Japan and China.
But I have been living in the heart of Europe for 6 years. I can be in any city in Europe in a few hours to be by my car.

I like traveling very much. At the moment I have already visited many countries of the world but I am not going to stop at this.

For a long time I lived and worked in the countries of Central Asia and therefore I know people in the East well and respect the traditions of the East. I love their cuisine, music and holidays. One of my favorite dishes is "Uzbek plov" cooked in a cauldron on a fire.

I was lucky to travel to many exotic countries. The most unique country in which I was this Iran. I was in the city of Mashhad and Tehran, and I also visited Kish Island - this is an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf. There we often went to the sea in motor boats, where we fished and cooked food on the coast of the islands with the locals. It turned out to be amazing, open and kind people who surprised me with their hospitality and sincerity. I had the opportunity to wear dresses of Iranian women and headscarf. It turned out to be amazing.

I am a manager by education. I graduated from Moscow University. But by vocation I am a model. This is my passion.

Since I am a fashionista I love to dress beautifully. I wear different styles of clothes and images but the classics still remain in the top for me. Like all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity I love various beautiful jewelry. When I find myself in a store and start trying on something from clothes or jewelry I always have a large number of people around me who urgently want to buy or touch what I liked in this store.

I have a unique talent to attract to my person a large number of people both men and women. It is difficult to explain but it is an indisputable fact which is always confirmed throughout my life wherever I am.

Once I was officially invited to take part in a beauty contest in Cyprus. But I was not one of the contenders for the title of “Miss Larnaca”, but a member of the jury. I also attended many different events in in a different countries.

I am madly in love with animals. I can not indifferently pass by the cat, dog, or someone else from our younger brothers.

In my life there was a devoted friend the Alabay dog named Zhalum. We was spending a lot of time together. He loved to walk and we walk and talked to him for a long time. He was understanding everything. But unfortunately in 2017 he died tragically. I really miss him but I still have the memory of him and my endless love for him as well as a lot of photos and videos. He will always be in my heart.

I would love to help homeless and disadvantaged animals, of which there are many in the world.

I am a very positive person and I try to make each moment of my life special and sunny. Even in difficult moments of my life I always believe in the best and I believe in God.

A little bit about what I think:

One of my favorite hobbies is photo shooting. And this was one of the most important reasons that influenced my decision to try myself in the modeling business.

Since any girl is a very multifaceted personality by nature I like to experiment with genres and styles of photo shoots. I can quickly adapt to the conditions created for photo shooting and have a delicate feel for every nuance important for a good frame.

One type of photo and video is a promotional photo shoot. Many companies wander around the sites in search of suitable models. It seems to me that it is very important to choose a model for an advertising shoot not only by its external data but also its universal human qualities should be taken into account.